E-mail "Issue with your SatNOGS station"

I’ve received an e-mail from satnogs@libre.space with the above subject, and the contents

This is an email to notify you that your ground station #426 has recently displayed irregular behavior (empty or malformed observations)
Please consult the Troubleshooting page in our wiki https://wiki.satnogs.org/Troubleshooting or join our chat channel https://riot.im/app/#/room/#satnogs:matrix.org to get support from other operators.
Also consider putting your station on “Testing” mode while you resolve the issue.

The last four observations don’t seem to have generated any data. So how do I troubleshoot this? I went to the troubleshooting page, which tells me to set a new debug level, but not what I should set it to. It also doesn’t say where the log files are…?

Then there’s a link to something called riot, which redirects me to something called element, where I can’t write anything until I sign up, and when I enter my fairly unique call sign (OZ1SEJ) I’m told that that username already exists. But none of my e-mail addresses are in the system…?

So - until I know where to look for log files, I’m just gonna go with a sudo reboot :slight_smile:

Hm - a reboot seems to have resolved the issue. (How do I find the cause of it, though…?)

The table that is on the wiki tell you what you can change it. Look at what you have right now and up it by a level to start with.

Again: same wiki page , I am copying verbatim:
" Check the logs for an error ( journalctl -f -u satnogs-client.service or less /var/log/supervisor/satnogs-error.log"

Element (used to be riot) is the web-app/ client for matrix.org which is the communication system (i.e. chat rooms and PMs) we use. Apparently someone else has taken your username (it happens), try to register with another one!


Thank you for your reply.

Again: same wiki page , I am copying verbatim:

Arh, sorry, it’s right there, I don’t know why I missed that… I seems that logs aren’t kept for more than three days - first entry in the log is from the 18th, and the error occurred on the 12th. I must be faster next time this happens :grinning: