DX1 last time observed more than week ago?

I feel we must have a better tool to update this. This satellite might be operational but the last time a Satnogs GS decoded or saw a valid packet is a long time ago. We have very powerful software that can help many people to get accurate view of what satellites are actually continuing what it does on a daily or weekly basis and which ones might actually have stopped working etc.

Hi Jacques,

Indeed, SatNOGS has the data to provide a well-informed status about many satellites. Such a view “just” has to be developed by someone.

Some ideas:

  • Show timestamp of last received frame in SatNOGS DB (comparatively easy!)
  • Show timestamp of last successful observation in SatNOGS Network
  • Automatically update status to “re-entered” based on information by space-track (issue satnogs-db#306)

I recommend to open an issue for each specific feature you imagine in satnogs-db: Issues. This is the first step to get them realized eventually. Before opening quickly check if there exists an issue for the feature already.

The issue description could follow this template.

Submitting concrete feature requests is a valuable step, because it helps in getting an overview over the work needed / wanted.

And if you are interested and have a bit time I can highly recommended to consider implementing a wanted feature yourself. If you are interested, just write here and we can guide you. Adding a field to the Satellite View is an achievable goal for someone new with satnogs-db development. We are always happy to help new developers!

kerel / Fabian Schmidt

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