DUV satellite data - matlab

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I have a question, I hope you guys can help me… I am trying to learn some matlab language and play along with satellites… There are FOX sereis satellites, and I am especially interested in the one which sends DUV data. My question is is the signal received by me using for instance GQRX (wav file) is an analog signal or digital ? The thing I want to do in Matlab is to cut the audio data which is higher than 200Hz, keep only data and plot the (de?)modulated signal. So I want to save the wav file, and demodulate it but I am not really sure how to start :(… and what will i receive should I use a filter and than FSK demodulator or modulator ? because as I am not sure what type is the input signal I do not know if to modulate or demodulate … I am just a beginner, and I wish you can guys help me :frowning:

This is beyond my pay grade (just a lowly mechanical engineer), but have you looked at the FoxTelem manual? It gives some brief descriptions of how the DUV works:

Also, I have had luck contacting Chris (AC2CZ) and Burns (WB1FJ) directly when I had questions about FoxTelem.

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Yes thank You, I emailed him, he helped me :slight_smile: