Downloaded ogg files

I’m downloading my ogg files for my observations however the ogg files themselves appear to be truncated.

See this observation

THe observation is clearly about 6 minutes long however the audio is only 2:01 minutes long.

Any thoughts?

They’re not truncated - they have been saved with the wrong sample rate.

I noticed this last night and have a tested fix waiting for merge:

Awaiting @surligas or @Acinonyx to review and merge…


I looked at a few others and noticed they were all “out” by roughly the same factor and investigated further with soxi.

Nice to know I was on the right lines.

Thank you for helping with my sanity. I have some anxiety issues which you have calmed with your reply!


Have tried processing ogg file as @vk5qi suggests with FSK9k6 ogg data.

  1. Converted ogg to wav with sox with sox name.ogg name.wav
  2. run through gr_Satellites: gr_satellites NORAD_ID --wavfile WAVFILE --samp_rate 16e3

This works.

Suppose I could do sox name.ogg - | gr_satellites NORAD_ID --wavfile - --samp_rate 16e3

Haven’t tried the bodge: might wait until the commit gets merged. Any ETA on that?

You’ll have to ask @surligas about that one… hopefully soon, as there’s quite a few stations that are affected now!