Download satellite data from satnogs DB

I was downloading Satellite Demod Data using glouton-satnogs-data-downloader and for the last week, I cant download any more.


(FOR_EACH) Demoddata module(s) loading :
No module list found
(END) Demoddata module(s) loading :
No module list found
job 2 scanning page…2
job 2 terminated
job 1 scanning page…1
job 1 terminated
job 3 scanning page…3
job 4 scanning page…4
job 3 terminated
job 4 terminated
job 4 scanning page…8
job 4 terminated
job 2 scanning page…6
job 2 terminated

Please help ?

The project uses the old pagination (pages) to get the next page each time. It needs to use the new one (cursor paging).

Here is a related post that explains what is happening for another API endpoint.

Thank you for the replay.

Is there a new way to download demod data for a satellite from multiple GS like the one i was using ?