Does the audio file resolution rate depending on baud rate?

I have a question on the resolution of the .ogg files uploaded on successful observations.

I’m working with a research team trying to pull data from audiofiles for Radsatg/Radsatu and when the transmitter’s baud rate in the SatNOGS db was set to 19200 baud I was able to run Direwolf (at 9600 baud) to decode data from the uploaded audio files. Now that the transmitter is set to 9600 baud in the SatNOGS db I am unable to get any info (while running direwolf at 9600baud) from the audio files that are uploaded to the db for these cubesatellites.

I have tried adjusting some settings when running the direwolf tool to see if I could get any info from recent good looking passes but so far I have been unsuccessful in being able to decode data.

The OGG files will always have a 48 kHz sample rate.

However, depending on the flowgraph, there will be certain levels of bandpass filtering around the signal, which if the signal has a wide bandwidth (high modulation index) might result in the signal being incorrectly filtered.

Can you link to some observations where this is the case?