DODONA request to change NORAD ID

The DODONA team lead, Dave Barnhart, asked if SatNOGS can use NORAD ID 51084 (what they are using to track) instead of 99456. There is an apparent trajectory difference between the two. I have submitted a request in DB as well.

Also, if the SatNOGS team has a magic (easy) way to remove all future DODONA observations using 99456 TLE’s, I’ll schedule new ones if/when the NORAD ID change is approved. Otherwise, will just wait until the next round of bulk scheduling for DODONA.


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Thanks Scott! This is confirming that the new NORAD ID for DODONA is 51084 that we received from SpaceTrak. Truly appreciate what the community is doing to support our wayward charge! Cheers, Dave B.


@satcolintel5 as public evidence wasn’t provided for the identification of DODONA I’ve rejected your suggestion. However I created and approved one that sets 51084 as the NORAD ID to follow.

The future observations will be updated automatically, however given that the TLE that was used when they were scheduled is pretty old, I’ll guess that will need re-scheduling (remove and schedule again).

Just to be clear, what we have followed until now, with few exceptions, is that we assign a temporary NORAD ID, then we follow the possible actual NORAD IDs by using the “Followed Norad ID” and if we get data in network or from other sources that this NORAD ID is the right one then we identify the satellite by removing the “Followed Norad ID” field and replace the temporary NORAD ID with the actual one.

@satcolintel5 Please keep scheduling DODONA and if you have any successful observations re-do the suggestion by adding this observation in the citation field.

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Thanks very much! Here is the URL in N2YO (DODONA Satellite details 2022-002BE NORAD 51084), and it also shows up on Appreciate you approving even thought I didn’t send these.

Cheers, Dave

@usc_serc do you know how spacetrack has identified the satellite? On what evidence was this identification based on?

I’m asking because in the past we have seen mis-identification from spacetrack.

Fredy, I received the NORAD ID from the 18th SPCS office that was assigned from the AF to help track all the payloads that were launched on Transporter 3. We followed the R/V vectors provided to us from the deployer and continued to updated the two line element set, comparing it to the identified TLE from the ION vehicle. We were the only payload released from ION on that day, and the resultant TLE that SpaceTrak sent us matched reasonably closely to our projection from the initial release to the updated time/date. The release appears to have pushed us down in Altitude a bit, thus we have moved way out in front of ION. We have not received any other information to corroborate the TLE assigned to us (51084), and of course if we have not heard from it with the specific signal sequence we loaded in pre-launch, we cannot ourselves validate that is the correct TLE/vehicle.