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Sorry if there’s an obvious answer but is there a current place for the documentation for the network. The link on git sends me to an ASCII art 404. I feel like this would be the best place for me to help out, so I’d like to read through the current status before I work on it.

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Thanks for reaching out. It seems that link on the README file is dead.

You can find documentation of network here.

EDIT: I have opened a pull request for fixing this.

This is now merged! Thanks for reporting @thomasns and @fredy for fixing!

I think there is a bower install step that’s not included in the instructions yet… @comzeradd ?

@thomasns if you are on irc feel free to join us on freenode, #satnogs and we can help in real time.

bower issue fixed :smiley: It’s now part of the initialization script.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ll be digging through the code getting acquainted the next few days. Im in my long stretch at work, so hopefully I’ll be able to join the IRC soon after.