Docker support for development

We just merged code for Docker support on satnogs-network. This would simplify the way you can have the app running local on your machine and start coding in just a few minutes.

You read the documentation for more details.

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I saw this in the SoC list… With the Beaglebone black (and now the Raspberry Pi 2) supporting Ubuntu Snappy Core builds, I wonder how feasible it would be to run the entire client package and SDR apps in a docker container? (would need to run privileged to pass the SDR and arduino through)

that said, snappy core is still in such infancy that it might be an exercise in frustration to find out.

Yes, that would be an ideal scenario for the client app. Docker is great for delivering ready containers and future updates to minimize deployment efforts from the ground station owners.

For the network, docker is mostly useful for local development.

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Glanced at the docker instructions - fig is required, which has been deprecated for compose. Not sure how compatible they are but figured I would point this out. Will try using compose.

Yes, but compose is not yet packaged for any Linux distributions. The good news is that it has pretty much the same syntax. Renaming fig.yml to docker-compose.yml should suffice.