Docathon 2017-10-02

The SatNOGS team is organizing a full-day documentation hackathon for Monday 2017-10-02

The main issues we would like to tackle:

  1. Check and update developers documentation for Network, DB, Client on RTD.

  2. Move user documentation of client from RTD to wiki, with corresponding changes for new client images.

  3. Enhance wiki documentation for main pipelines (setting up a client, selecting setup, setup rotator or not).

  4. Move all guides from Dozuki to Ohai.

  5. Update main website to reflect the above changes.

Please provide any comments or feedback here, and as we approach the day we will be posting more details on atomic tasks people can take over and help with. All coordination will happen live on our IRC channel. Although we expect the majority of the work to happen on Monday, there is no reason to wait :slight_smile: Over the weekend we expect activity, so please drop by on our channel to help!


Awesome idea! Iā€™m looking forward to chipping in. :slight_smile: