DJIBOUTI-1A signal

Hello everyone,

For 24 hours, we have not been able to listen to the signal from the DJIBOUTI-1A satellite. the last signal listened to by the satnogs community was on 02/23/2024 at 8:53:52 p.m.
We had a collision alert from the Mantis satellite on 02/23/2024 at 01:16:27.

If we were able to decode the satellite signal at 20:53:52 (a difference of approximately 17 hours from the time of the announced collision), we believe that DJIBOUTI-1A avoided the collision.

Could you please check if DJIBOUTI-1A is emitting signal?

Hi, do you mean february instead of januari?

Yes I meant February, I just corrected it


I noticed none observations where scheduled for Djibouti-1A so I scheduled a nunber of obs for the next pass

One of them, looks ok to me?

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Yes, it’s the signal of DJIBOUTI-1A.

Thanks !

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