DIY rotator with SatNOGS v2 software micro-stepping help!

Hi, I built my own rotator using and Arduino Nano, two NEMA 23 stepper motors two TB6600 controllers and two optical endstops. I have a couple of questions, one is the rotor as it is works fine but it’s too noisy, I tried setting the controllers to 800 steps and change the code to 800 SPS, and changed the max speed from 150 to 600 and acceleration from 50 to 200. The problem is when I did that, the rotator did become more silent as it vibrated much less but the angles are off, for instance, if I set the elevation to 90º it only turns around 45º or maybe a bit more. How can I solve this?

Also when homing the rotator I find that sometimes the motor turns either clockwise ou counter-clockwise what should I change or add in the code so that everytime the it’s doing the homing the motor only turns one direction? I intend to use a bracket on the elevation but if the position for example is at 90º if it starts moving fowards until it reaches the endstop instead of backwards to zero it will crash against the rotator.