Display satellite positions on a website

Hi, I have a question little out of topic. A friend of mine wants to display the position of some satellites on a website. I guess that it is possible but don’t have an idea about how to do it. Maybe I should query how we predict the locations of satellites. Is it done by some algorithm that predicts mathematically by giving parameters of altitude, orbital speed, etc? Or do satellites send data of their positions with some intervals?

Satellite position is calculated using a TLE - (Two Line Element set)

An example of doing location display on a website can be seen here.

This was done for a web design class mostly to try and impress my professor a bit. Here is the live page that JS is used in https://wgaylord.github.io/itmd-361-spring2020-Project3/map.html

To make that I used satellite.js which is a JS library for using TLE to get satellite positions.

One neat thing I have done with this stuff is https://satnogs.jwgtechs.com This site uses a python backend for the prediction using Skyfield, satnogs it self uses pyephem which are both by the same author.

Another option is to use N2YO.com widgets:

He has api access, as well (that’s beyond my paygrade, though).


Thank you so much for your answers, I will check them out!

– Deniz