Discontinuos operatin

Hello all. My station operates with a solar cell and is live only when battery are over minimum. Is there a way to avoid people to book observer ion when not in use? Or I have to put it in test mode for ever?

Putting it in testing would be the simplest solution, yes.
I guess the problem is that it is only up during the day and anyone can schedule passes on the night while it is online ?
More panels and/or battery otherwise (:
Sounds line a cool system, mind to share the details ?

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How about just letting the scheduled observations fail when the station is offline? That would give network users an opportunity to grt data then the station is online, which testing mode would not. Maybe add a note to the station’s description about this behavior.

Another option, a bit harder perhaps, is to make a script that runs periodically and looks for obs that is due to be run and if the station is not online just purge them. that way the probable ones run just fine.