Different Users connected to one Station

if I got it right there is no way to connect multiple users to one groundstation? Since this is an institute it would be good to have more than one account so everybody do not need to use my personal account?
If there is no such possibility - not even planned - can I connect one ground station to another account or do I have to “create” a new station for the other account?
Thanks in advance,


Unfortunately this isn’t possible and it’s not planned at least for near future. I’ve opened an issue to track it, as I think it is a valid feature.

As this will probably not be implemented soon, feel free to send me (in private message here) the email or the username of the other account and the station id and I’ll make the changes. Just make sure you have logged in at least once in the network.satnogs.org with this new account.


Alright, thanks anyway. I’ll check back and contact you if it’s necessary.

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