Different gain setting needed on different birds

The new LNA/filter that is installed, works great for the 2m signals, Im able to set my RTL SDR’s gain at 0 and get good reception… https://network.satnogs.org/observations/3286056/

But not so good for 137mhz NOAA signals, the gain begins to roll off @ 137mhz

So to counter this I have to set the gain RTL SDR’s gain higher… the downside is that Im getting overloaded 2m passes https://network.satnogs.org/observations/3330894/
and great but not perfect NOAA passes with the gain set back up at ~36. Im slowly working my say back down with the gain setting. It would be nice to have separate gain settings tied to each transponder. in a calibration table. Has adding AGC been accomplished?

any thoughts???


while being an often wanted feature, unfortunately it is neither possible to set different gains for different bands (this suggested feature is tracked in satnogs-client#417), nor for different satellites (satnogs-client#323) yet.


I think I’ve found a good middle ground now!!!

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