Development of Software Radio Script

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I last been here. Previously we (USM_SAD) used SATNOGS and didn’t realize how powerful and wonderful this platform are. Currently we are working for a commercial ground station with national bodies and we faced so many challenges as it didn’t encourage the infrastructure of the data to go into public network (hence we need to look for our own solution rather than using this platform)

The biggest one that still look far from the solution is the development of radio software for the SDR that we used to be connected to the mission control software. The SDR we will be using is USRP B200 and the problem is we don’t know how to create a radio script for it for multiple satellites for commercial purposes.

If the community here know where we could look for solutions or resources that could help, I am humbly asking for help. Feel free to let me know if you guys have follow up question to better understand the situation.

Thankyou in advance

Hi danny,
SatNOGS is an excellent platform to schedule a lot of observations on, it is quite reliable and you can enable features like IQ recording and additional demodulators, the list goes on.
As a station owner you can absolutely choose to remove scheduled observations that collides with your interests. I am not talking about clearing everything here, as that makes little sense and is not in the spirit of this community.
If you have additional demodulators running, like gr-satellites and custom satyaml, or other flowgraphs, it is possible to have them send the data to more than one place.

In another project I wanted to track individual objects at a high exclusive priority, that lead to a small codebase I call ground-station. This simply tracks a single object for now, it has basic functionality to record and demodulate.
It is meant to be run on docker, and if you have satnogs-client running under docker these can coexist and share the station while still keeping the priority on the selected object. Utilizing the station in between the prioritized observations is a good thing imho.

Feel free to improve both SatNOGS and my ground-station software, keep it open and available to others, free of charge.

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