TLE updates?

I went to try polling a job from the dev site today, AO-73, but the TLE (at least for AO-73) is pretty out of date… So, because of this the passes are a bit behind and won’t work for tracking… Current set is 9998 and the API gave me 2926 for the job.

Is there an update schedule or process for this (I haven’t dug into the code yet)? Can a one-time update be done by hand so I can test the ground station here?

/cc @comzeradd

We haven’t deploy a cronjob for updating TLEs on that instance. We are in the phase of re-deploying our dev instance (and production) on new infrastructure and we definitely going to have a cronjob for this task.

I ran the update script by hand just now. So all Satellites on dev instance should now have fresh TLEs.

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