[dev-network] Can't schedule new observation

I have a station up and running on the dev-network. But suddenly I can’t schedule new observations any longer.
An error 500 appears when I expect the confirmation page.
Anybody who has the same problem?

Hello @MasterJ ! Which ID is your station?

The station ID is 233.

This apparently is a new bug introduced by some recent changes. Filled the issue here:

@MasterJ issue is now fixed. Thanks for reporting it!


@fredy. Thanks. That was really fast!

Hello! On the simmilar note. My station has disappeared. Station ID 226 . I do not recall deleting it or otherwise, however had some 500 errors.



That’s really strange! I can see that you have station 233 now.

Not sure how/why it was deleted. I’ll try to look at it in depth later today or tomorrow.

Do you remember any observation id/number of this deleted station?

But station 233 on the dev-network is my station :thinking:

I was referring to 233 on production :slight_smile:

Yep. I have station 233 (sq2dk), but the one I’m talking about was for the SP2ZIE (who I’m an administrator). https://network.satnogs.org/users/sp2zie/ - would be a list for station 226, that has disappeared.
I have set up another SP2ZIE station (254) after I found that 226 has disappeared, but I would preffer to recover old one.