Design files for SatNOGS v2 box

I have just completed the design of a replacement for the box specified in the BOM for the version 2 rotator. The design files are available from Thingiverse; Project Case for SatNOGS version 2 Satellite Tracking System by wandrson - Thingiverse

The box case is designed to be laser cut from 3mm thick acrylic, with four copies each of two 3D printed corner pieces. I did make one change to the v2 design and that was to add shaft collars to ensure the worm gear did not slide along the shaft.


And here is a picture of the cover


Hey, fantastic work!

We have made a wiki to add material about SatNOGS.
If you want, you can add your own version of SatNOGS rotator.

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Off topic question but where did you purchase the optical homing sensor with breakout? I can not seem to find it anywhere. Thank you in advance!

They are standard parts for 3D printers from sain smart