Decoding SARAL NORAD 39086

Hi Everyone,

One of the satellites being decoded in the Satnogs GS network is SARAL. The format is BPSK PMT-A3 800 baud. Can someone please tell me if a BPSK PMT-A3 specific decoder is being used in the Satnogs GS software or a more standard BPSK decoder? If a more standard approach, what specific settings are being used. If a specific decoder, is there a way to use this decoder with IQ or audio files?

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Hi Bob,

Is there a specific BPSK signal you want to demodulate and afterwards decode?

Hi Jan,

Yes, Saral but it’s 800 baud PMT-A3. Unusual mode? and not supported in gr-satellites but maybe by Satnogs server based decoder?



With the help of K4KDR, verified that this is decodable using the Argos decoder in MultiPSK. GL.

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