Decoding NOAA downloaded passes


Hi there:

Is it posible to decode the downloaded passes with wxtoimg?
I tried, but is not possible to process the images. I always an error message and the end of the auto-process

73’s from EA5WA Juan Carlos


Have you tried putting your SatNOGS station in Stand alone mode. Start the TCP server then connect to it via TCP from another Gqrx or SDR# and piping that audio to WXtoimg?

I just use another SDR plugged into my PC.

73 Bob vk2byf


Thanks Bob…

I have no idea about a tcp server inside satnogs.

Is there any tutorial about standalone mode? I need to deepen inside this subject…

73’s from EA5WA Juan Carlos


Juan there is a Satnogs Tab called Wiki you will find good info there. Go to your Raspberry PI IP address port 5000. something like Use your browser. Yours will be different. Top right hand side is a blue button which will switch between Network and Stand alone mode. You would have to install rtl_tcp In Linux sudo apt-get install rtl_tcp. same way you installed SatNOGs programs
73 Bob vk2byf


Thanks Bob, I’ll give it a try this evening


What did you try? It should be possible to process SatNOGS passes with wxtoimg if you to download the audio recording from a NOAA pass, convert it to a format that wxtoimg understands, then process it with wxtoimg. I don’t remember the precise audio format needed by wxtoimg but think it is described in the user manual.


I tried sending the audio (through vac) directly from the web browser to wxtoimg software. Signal is ok, everything works fine, but at the end of the recorded pass, when I select “auto-process” on wxtoimg, gives me a red message (I don’t remember exactly)


73’s de Juan Carlos EA5WA