Decoding CW with doppler shift

Does anyone here know of a Windows program that easily decodes CW with doppler shift?

I have no problems in decoding ordinary CW from HF and such, but the programs i use more or less demand a specific frequency of tone, if that changes it breaks the decoding.

Im also using SSB when it comes to this and i am not sure if that is the right approach when it comes to doppler shift CW?


To understand what the method consists of, Iā€™m guessing:

SDR for reception.
gqrx, sdr++, sdrsharp etc for ssb demodulation.
audio out from the previous step into some sort of cw decoder, like fldigi or similar.

If this is correct, the program doing the cw decoder only requires a fixed audio frequency.
controlling the doppler with the previous step, either assisted or manual, would result in a fixed audio frequency that the cw decoder can use.

assisting/automating this is possible, an example would be gpredict controlling gqrx frequency is demostrated many years ago. there should be similar solutions out there for the other software.

Hi there.

Yes. Its SDR++ with the ssb audio piped into CWget/Fldigi.

I have tried manually controlling the doppler however i find it hard to do. There probably is some technique that i am not familiar with though.

When it comes to Gpredict and automated control the problem is that i usually dont know what kind of satellite i am listening to. Which is exacty why i want to decode the CW to find out what beacon it is.

I guess baseband recording and trying to manually adjust while recording the audio afterwards is probably the way to go.


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