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Hi, I’m new here, I have a project but I need to have the archives of every satelite to see when they died.
So if anyone could help me with a link or something.


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Hey @tom !

By “archives of every satellite” what exactly do you mean? We do have a multitude of projects with all sorts of data. Can you be a bit more specific? Cheers!

Also it would be great to know what is the project you are working on :slight_smile:



For a school project I want to see, with a program, if the death of the cubesats are linked to the solar wind.
So I would like have an access to a data file with all the cubesat’s death and their date.

(I’m not english sorry if you don’t understand everything)


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There are no data we host that can directly provide what you want, since satellite malfunction or cease of operations can only be inferred by analysis of a combination of things (which we host) like observations from ground stations, decoded telemetry data etc.

I believe Polaris project (Machine Learning on satellite telemetry SatNOGS hosts) might be closer to what you are looking for. Let us know!


Okay I will look for that.

Thanks a lot @pierros !

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I have a copy of some data from December, 2019 SatNOGS Observations that you can possibly use for samples. It may be easier/nicer to pull down instead of hitting API, if you just want sample data to work with. It is located here:

It has 178,092 observations. Note, each observation is a directory with an observation ID, so the download/ directory has 178,092 subdirectories (!). The subdirectories have a json file of the observation pulled from, a waterfall .png if available, and an .ogg audio file from, if available. Here is the range:

You can more easily pull the data using rsync at this URL:


Note: this will take ~5 minutes to begin to download. Total archive size is around a terabyte.

Happy hacking,