Database Access - Creating Satellite Dashboards

I couldnt find any documentation on an API for retrieveing data from teh database. Is it possible, through an API?

I am interested in accessing the stored data for FalconSat-3, read only. Is there an API or DB access available?

In SatNOGS DB log in or create an account go to the individual satellite page (in this case ) you should be able to see a download button. Hope this helps.

@Ke8fzt what are you trying to create? Access to an API would mean an automated crunching and processing of data from an application. Are you building one? Can we help somehow?

I found the download page, I will take a look at that data and see whats available.

@pierros I was thinking of a webpage, that shows ‘current’ telemetry. Or maybe graphics / charts of the telemetry over time, like the fox telemetry programs. FalconSat may not be the ideal satellite… but with SatNogs doing all the heavy lifting, the rest is really just a ‘report’.

I haven’t built anything yet, I might play around with sorting through some of the downloaded data and visualizing it.

Nothing automated that will impact your servers at time, I would check first… But I would assume that the data is available through an API or SQL somehow.

@Ke8fzt We are thinking on how to best approach this generally. Indeed with the vast amount of data we have now viz is the next step.

Data is in raw demodulated format, which means that it should be decoded first. This task is really specific to a satellite and we have identified as the format we will be using to describe the binary blobs and create parsers to produce the decoded data (human readable). then we can proceed with visualization. For that we are thinking Grafana, but we need to sort out the details.

Seeing anything you might be interested in?

I guess, I was looking (specifically) at FalconSat-3, which already is decoded and has human readable data… I assumed the database would store it demodulated, and not demodulate it with every view.

Grafana looks cool, might have to be parsed and filtered in between… I am not sure that falconsat-3 actually has any telemetry.