data source for grafana

Sorry guys if this is a stupid question. How can I build a grafana dashboard using satellite data from SatNOGS. What data source should I specify and how to do it?

Hey Tim(?),

Are you talking about our Grafana installation at

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Hi Patrick.
I would like to create (actually try to fix the existing one a bit) a dashboard.
However, the wiki(Dashboard - SatNOGS Wiki) said that I need to escalate my permissions in order to edit the dashboards.
I would like to know how I can do this.
Or at least just access the InfluxDB data to test the fixes on my computer.
Thanks anyway for the reply.

I can do that! Just let me know which dashboard and what user-account you are using in (DM please).

Hi Patrik!
@tim_pans this is our student. Now he is engaged in improving Dashboard CubeBel-1. And I hope in the future will be accompanied by Dashboard CubeBel-2.

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I’ve created two teams “CubeBel-1” and “CubeBel-2” and give to them permissions for adding/changing dashboards in Scratchpad category. @tim_pans is member on both. If you want us to add more members on any of the teams, let us know.


Huge thanks ! ! ! ! !

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Maybe we should name that group BSU?

Thanks for jumping in!

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Hello, @fredy, @DL4PD. Could you please add my account to the CubeBel-2 group?

@EU1SAT can verify my person :slight_smile:


You are now added. Let me know if it didn’t worked.