Data is there but not auto rating is good in latest software

Hello Support, I have used Debian OS with Satnogs Ansible client, but when it is successful and observes, when data is available but the rating is not automatic good …
and this I have to do with manual vetting …
why did this happen?..
look this my observer… Observation 2209732

It looks like auto-vetting might have finally been turned off for CW and APT (NOAA weather imagery) observations!

The CW decoder (and the APT decoder in particular) will quite happily demodulate noise and update data to the network, resulting in many many observations incorrectly vetted as successful. While in your case there is a CW signal there, it is off-frequency and the CW demod hasn’t captured it. The observation should still be marked manually as successful.

oke thanks @vk5qi for your info…

When in doubt check the latest satnogs-network releases :slight_smile:

Indeed since 1.43 you can find this:

  • Disable auto-vet as “good” for observations with CW mode

Is this going to occur for APT observations too? These have exactly the same problem.

@surligas can speak to that. I thought that the sync cannot easily happen in random for APT.

For the APT we can use the sync markers. We already use them to align properly the image.

It does seem to lock up on noise though, producing images which are just noise.

Going through some recent ‘good’ observations I found: - Yes, there is a very very faint signal here, but nowhere near strong enough that the decoder would have worked. - Same as above - In this case there is no APT signal at all, just noise.