Data-download link missing for PY4-2 and PY4-3

Even though there was data uploaded via the SIDS-interface by two stations, there are no download-links available for PY4-2 and PY4-3. But for PY4-1 and PY4-4 this works perfectly.

EDIT: there is one thing I noticed when comparing PY4-1 and PY4-2: on PY4-2 there is no packet-counter shown in the menu-bar at the “data”-menue-item

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I don’t know if this is a function of the TLE names or a SIDS destination issue, but I see at lot of recent packets for PY4-1, PY4-2, PY4-3, and PY4-4 all contained within the data-download from PY4-4.

As always, great work @stefanp . Your efforts are appreciated.


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@maholli You’re welcome!
It might be, that some data ended up in the wrong destination, because at the beginning I had an issue with my program regarding the assignment of NORAD-ID to sat-ID, but this is fixed since yesterday and packets should be assigned correctly now. My station IS listed in PY4-2 and 3 now, so there ist no reason anymore for not showing up a download-link.

Stefan OE6ISP

The counter of satellite data is cached and is updated every day.

So it needs a day for the buttons to show up after the first frame sent in DB.

During my tests to find what’s going on, I’ve reset the cache for these sats, so now you should be able to see the buttons.


Ok, solved - thank you @fredy ! Appreciate your quick response!