Data and Privacy

Hello, we are SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) at Johns Hopkins. We are totally new here and have approval to create our school’s first student-run ground station.
We are working with a cosmological research project run by professors at the university and we were curious about data rights.

When we use a SatNOGS partnered ground station other than our own, what level of access do the owners of that ground station have to our satellites data? Since this is a private research group, we need to know if it’s at all possible to hide our data in some way, or if that would even be necessary because the professors we are working with expressed some concerns. Mostly we want to know if the owner of the ground station would have any academic claim to the data, as this data will be used in an academic study to be published.

Thank you and we are excited to hopefully become a part of this community!


Ground station owners and the public can see the same data, more or less. It all gets uploaded to

Telemetry data that ground stations collect from satellites is here:

As for controlling other Ground Stations to plan observations, you can see the permissions matrix here:

The data itself is under the CC by SA 4.0 license (same as Wikipedia):

Your professors should want to share the data. The closed ivory tower era is over. :slight_smile: