Dashboard not updating some fields

Hello everyone,

I noticed a strange behavior in our VZLUSAT-2 dashboard (Grafana). It seems that some fields are not getting new values. Specifically, it’s EPS system current and radio PA temperature. It can be seen in the dashboard graphs, the lines for both of these values just end, with the most recent value being a couple days old.

The strange thing is that I checked one of recent observations (SatNOGS Network - Observation 5475763), and all of the beacon data is decoded correctly. I manually parsed a hex frame from that observation using Kaitai struct and all of the fields are present and contain sensible values.

Has anyone seen this sort of thing before? Thanks!

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I think this has to do with the TLE lottery and a new assigned dedicated NORAD-ID instead of the temporary one. Someone did not update the dashboard to use the new assigned ID. I’m doing a check now and it would be great if you have another look, too.

EDIT: Dashboard updated and it should work again, now!


Ah, that was indeed the issue, hardcoded temporary NORAD ID. Thanks!

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There is currently no other way!