Dashboard Frame Count report

This morning, 2021-01-03, my station (jchem - 1789) decoded many data (622, 2, 618) in three passes of Bobcat-1 (3406011, 3406012 and 3406009).
Looking at the dashboard, I found that it reported only 5 frames totalized in two observations only.
A day in the pass, the dashboard was also reporting wrongly what my station obtained (1 instead of 15+).
Is there an explanation for these large variations in he data reported to the satnogs-server and those counted in the dashboard?
I will be happy to understand the rational below the dashboard frame-count graphic.

One reason could be that some packets were not decoded by the telemetry data decoder. Only decoded packets end up in the data warehouse (InfluxDB) for the dashboards.

OK, is it because the data packets ‘demodulated’ by my station and transferred to the satnogs-server are ‘duplicates’ of packets already sent to the server by other stations and treated by the telemetry decoder?
It is then bizarre because on that day (Jan. 03), my station data packets (over 1200) accounted for many times the total combined of all the others station!

Otherwise, W8PZS seems to be the everyday champion of the decoded frames in the dashboard… but I did not find it in the list of satnogs stations… Is it ‘directly wired’ to the satellite???

Thanks again for your clarifications.