CW Mode (Morse Code) Observations

Hello SatNOGS team and community,

i was exploring the satellites database and i found that many satellites transmits in CW (Morse Code) mode as a beacon telemetry . but i did not find any observation from the listed ground stations in the database that listens to this type of mode. i need your feedback please because maybe i missed something

Thanks and regards

Hello, The CW peeps are out here :grin:… As far as I can tell I schedule a CW pass and my station tunes to it and the mode, which ever mode is called for. Satnogs does the magic in the background. Have a listen to this recent pass in the audio file, you can here the CW Morse Code :artificial_satellite:… Someone might have more insight on the CW tuning specifically… They may weight in on the goings on… I’m more of a point and shoot operator.

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Thank you for sharing these CW telemetry. i rarely see any observations especially with satellites that transmits CW uploaded here . so i really appreciate your data . also you have a good ground station my friend , keep up the good work :+1: