CW Mode (Morse Code) Observations

Hello SatNOGS team and community,

i was exploring the satellites database and i found that many satellites transmits in CW (Morse Code) mode as a beacon telemetry . but i did not find any observation from the listed ground stations in the database that listens to this type of mode. i need your feedback please because maybe i missed something

Thanks and regards

Hello, The CW peeps are out here :grin:… As far as I can tell I schedule a CW pass and my station tunes to it and the mode, which ever mode is called for. Satnogs does the magic in the background. Have a listen to this recent pass in the audio file, you can here the CW Morse Code :artificial_satellite:… Someone might have more insight on the CW tuning specifically… They may weight in on the goings on… I’m more of a point and shoot operator.

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Thank you for sharing these CW telemetry. i rarely see any observations especially with satellites that transmits CW uploaded here . so i really appreciate your data . also you have a good ground station my friend , keep up the good work :+1:

I am very new to this, but these are my favorite so far. I can copy CW by ear, and have a great deal of experience digging it out of the noise. I tend to find the CW in many passes others might miss, so this makes it productive. Some of the CW has little messages too, that are sometimes homages to people or just cute.

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