Creating new modules fail

Hello, I’m setting up Gpredict to run with SDSharp on Windows 10 (using these instructions Weather Satellite Tracking Software Setup - YouTube)
When I open the Gpridt software evrything seems ok until I press Create New Module or Configure, I get this error:

Assertion failed!
File: …/src/strnatcmp.c, Line 123

Expression: a && b

Does anyone have any idea what this may refer to?


My first advice would be to create a new directory in C:\ and place all your software related to this operation in there.

When running application within your Windows profile you can have application behave abnormal.

Jan - PE0SAT

Thank you for your quick reply! I tried moving everything to a new folder in C:
Sadly that didn’t help, now I get the same error with a different location

Then have a look at Issues · csete/gpredict · GitHub and maybe open a new issue.

Hi Jan, I didn’t see this before, thank you!

Fixed! When I reinstalled the second time the software was still connected to an older folder in a User directory so I’ve deleted that one and started from scratch in Local Disk, and it now works.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile: