Controller V2 SMD parts

Is there a specifik reasong why the use of SMD parts other than space??.

Why this question, not everyone is able to solder these parts correctly (me including)


I used a hot air station to do all of mine. Seamed to work VERY well.

And solder paste

Nice video of how to use it:


For one, many components are not available in through-hole versions anymore.
Price for components (and bigger boards) is another consideration.

For the ones that feel not OK with SMT in general this is a good read:

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Also I have learned a small dot of super glue will hold parts in place while you solder. (Place a dot on the board then place part on top. Wait a bit and solder.) Granted I had 0603 packages I soldered with a iron and some solder. xD

One of the beaks helps out too