Controller V2 almost done Please HELP!

I’m 90% the way there and just have a few questions that i cant work out.

  1. I’m running steppers and couldn’t understand the part about this:

#define MICROSTEP 8 ///< Set Microstep
#define MAX_SPEED 6400 ///< In steps/s, consider the microstep
#define MAX_ACCELERATION 1600 ///< In steps/s^2, consider the microstep
#define SPR 1600L ///< Step Per Revolution, consider the microstep

I just want to run full steps to start with, can someone clarify what the settings would be?

  1. How do i use the RS485 USB dongle? Can I use on the computer to start with? where does it connect to the Controller?

Thanks in advance



  1. Check the wiki - Stepper motor driver.
  2. Also check the wiki - RS-485 , and connect the A cable
    of controller to A terminal of RS485 USB dongle, same with B.