Controller electronics board for the SatNOGS Rotator


I’m interested in building the electronic board for the SatNOGS Rotator. I just would like to clarify which version of the PCB board to order and where.

The build sequence on the SatNOGS wiki page “SatNOGS Rotator Controller” [SatNOGS Rotator Controller - SatNOGS Wiki] refers to a Rotator controller version 2 and the possibility to order a PCB version 2.2 via this OSHPark link.

Is this the latest stable version of the PCB that can be ordered ?

What about the v2.3 and v2.4 versions on Gitlab ? [Tags · librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / satnogs-rotator-controller · GitLab].



I’m not very familiar with GitLab.

If anyone has recently completed the SatNOGS Rotator controller, would you be so kind to guide me towards the PCB board version and part list you used ?


If you don’t get a more authoritative/better answer, I’d suggest this. Use the latest release of SatNOGS Rotator Controller, which is version 2.4. That is also the latest commit in master. You can either clone the repo or download the tarball.

Git repo:

git clone

Or if you want just a file, download version 2.4 URL:

or if you prefer zip:

Inside there are files compatible with KiCAD version 5. Some of the PCB manufacturers mentioned above, such as OSHPark, should be able to read the satnogs_controller.kicad_pcb, and have a web interface for upload. Some PCB manfacturers will only accept gerbers. I don’t see those available for v2.4, so if you want to use those, you would probably have to export them from KiCAD 5 (along with drill files and other bits).

In the olden days, I updated the BoMs with newer manufacturer’s part numbers that were more readily available in my area (e.g. Digikey/Mouser). You can see those spreadsheets here, which could be helpful:

From this repo:

Happy hacking,


Sounds good Jeff,

I will start with the 2.4 version

Thank you very much for your help,


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