Control two radios

Trying to use RTL-SDR for RX and FT-817 for TX. So far unable to get uplink frequency set on FT-817. I am able to control either radio with gpredict but only one at a time.


I have been able to get a similar config working with a SDRplay+SDR Console in TS-2000 emulation mode as a receiver and a FT-818 for transmit. The trick is to fire up a rigctld.exe for the SDRplay/TS-2000, then fire up another rigctld.exe for the FT-818 and then finally fire up gpredict.exe. I use a small batch file on my Windows PC to do this…plus to shut it all down at the end. See below.

REM @echo off cls

REM Start rigctld.exe for FT-818 then gpredict
start C:“Program Files (x86)”\hamlib-w64-4.4\bin\rigctld.exe -m 1041 -r COM5 -s 38400 -t 4532 -T

timeout /t 5
REM Start rigctld.exe for SDRPlay RSPdx using TS-2000 protocol
start C:“Program Files (x86)”\hamlib-w64-4.4\bin\rigctld.exe -m 2014 -r COM11 -s 57600 -t 4534 -T

timeout /t 5

REM Start gpredict
start /MAX /wait C:\gpredict\gpredict-win32-2.3.37\gpredict.exe

timeout /t 5

REM Kill the rigctld and rotctld tasks.
Taskkill /im rigctld.exe /F
REM hamlib\rigctld.exe stopped.

timeout /t 5

This will create three terminal screens…(two of them will be blank). Just leave them running in the background.

The other trick is in the Gpredict->Radio Control menu to set the receiver on the 1st Device and the transmitter on the 2nd Device…then engage them. Make sure the two radios are using different ports. I used 4532 on one and 4534 on the other. 4533 seems to be the standard port for rotator control.

Hope this helps.

John - VK4JBE

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Many thanks John for such good tutorial

73 de EA5WA Juan Carlos