Config support related to rotctrld

hello all,

forced by a sd failure recently i upgraded my system to the latest satnogs client. There the antennas are controlled by a remote rotctrld via tcp on second box via pstrotator (because of heavyduty rotor).

In my old config i had
hamlib_utils_rot_enabled: true
satnogs_rot_port: 4533

As new config i tried:
hamlib_utils_rot_enabled: true
hamlib_utils_rot_opts: -T -t 4533

unfortunately without success. Any hints or guidance here in the group which would the correct params?

br Robert

You need to set:
and then set


That should then let it connect to your rotctld server.

many thanks for the hint but no real luck connecting my rotctld. there have been no connection to the deamon nor any log indicating a faulty condition :(.

is there a change to test this manually? or any hint where to look at?

after some rounds of testing i found out that for me the param HAMLIB_UTILS_ROT_ENABLED required being set to true. otherwise the rotation didn’t start.
What was kinda wired that the reception stopped right after the 180 stop marker (also with elevation kept).
Logs are clear and fine. Is there change in the new version as well?
at least i’m somewhot happy that the thing starts to rotate again :slight_smile:

getting more strange… rotation requires the HAMLIB_UTILS_ROT_ENABLED. but one reception works, the other fails.
In the log are multiple lines like that:
May 22 17:05:09 oe8rke-satnogs satnogs-client[302]: write_block():491 failed -1 - Broken pipe

any idea where to look at for such?

br Robert


Did you resolve this?

I have similar rotator setup and trying to get it to work after upgrading to latest client.


John - K2QA