CNC/GRBL controller board? Other alternative cheaper parts?

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Firstly, my apologies if this is covered elsewhere and I missed it. Here is a 3-axis CNC GRBL controller board for $10 US:

Has anyone attempted to run the satnogs-controller-firmware on one of these boards? Obviously the 3rd axis is not needed, that should free up some I/O ports for other uses. Maby it’s easily hackable to support DC motors too. Mainly curious because this could help bring the cost of a rotator down significantly if it’s usable. Thanks!

I’m going to hijack my own thread to note cheaper alternatives to parts for the reference platform. This is in no way a knock against the V3 reference platform, it was a necessary step up from the V2 design to support higher duty cycles. However I feel the cost of the ground station can still be brought further down without sacrificing too much quality. Otherwise it seems that a complete ground station is in the same cost ballpark as a Yaesu G-5500.



Take a look here:

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Thank you!

So I went ahead and ordered the parts I referenced earlier for testing. I’m comfortable enough with the Arduino platform that I’m hopeful I can make the SatNOGS firmware run on this board, assuming the cpu has enough memory. Fingers crossed.

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Yep I’m running mine on an Uno and a CNC v3 Shield. Should have no problem as long as you can get your pin out set properly


Me too . A few minor tweaks and it is running nicely.