Client ver 1.4 not decoding few satellites

Hi, im using Raspberry Pi version of SATNOGS with 1.4ver client.
Today i had observation but my client doesn’t decode the data. I saw that other observators decodes full of data, they use 1.4+8.gb9e3528 version.
Haw can i update Client to decode few satellites more?
Is this different Client or platform needed?


Hello there,
Please provide some sample links on your observations and others you see as successful so we can better understand what is happening.

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Based on the version number, I think this is a special release made by SA2KNG that integrates a SatNOGS client with gr-satellites.

Maybe you can give some examples from satellites you where trying to decode?

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Sure, this is my observation:

and this is the same satellite, different station

PE0SAT - i see now that i compared with Your observation. Have You got any instruction how can i integrate gr-satellites with SATNOG? Maybe i need to use different distribution? Ubuntu/Debian with SATNOGS manual installation?


Hi Chris,

Follow the two links that I shared, there you can find all the information.

You have to be experience with compiling software and manually configuring files on the Linux platform.

Hi, thank You for hint, now everything works fine, i got new client version.