Client Software Installation Help?


I am trying to set up a client using ansible on a laptop with a USRP N210. Can anyone recommend OSes that they’ve have good luck with?

I’ve tried Ubuntu 16.04 and 17.10, but they both give distribution errors since they don’t come up as stretch for some reason. I can install it when I comment out that assertion, but then running journalctl gives me a host of other errors.

I’ve also tried Raspbian x86, but one of the installation steps in satnogs-radio requires 64-bit python so we get stuck there as well. I haven’t seen a stretch lite version that looks like it can be installed on a computer, either, unfortunately.

I’d appreciate any experience you guys might have to share!

On a x86 distribution like Ubuntu it’s relatively straight forward to install gr-satnogs and satnogs-client manually, as many of the dependencies can be installed through the package managers.

I would generally advise against it, as you will be lacking tools like satnogs-setup.

@dianaz1 are you using the instructions here?

Have you tried with Debian Stretch?

I got the same issue with Ubuntu 16.04. I’d like to avoid the manual installation but neither install a new OS because there is some special software installed. Is there any other solution without the already mentioned ones? Is there any way to fix the journalctl-errors manually? And why does this happen in the first place?
Thanks in advance!