Clarification About Observations in Network-Dev

I saw a thread here about how one must add a ground station to the network before being able to schedule observations. This seems to make sense for production at this point. However, does this also apply to network-dev?

I was able to schedule an observation (#639 and #640) in -dev the other day. The station was online; but no data was received. I’m curious as to whether 1) data won’t be returned because it’s -dev 2) I actually don’t have permission to schedule an observation (although it appeared to work) or 3) maybe the ground station wasn’t fully functional at the time.

I’m wondering if we (people without a ground station) should expect to receive actual data in network-dev. Assuming we task the ground station appropriately, conditions are favorable, pass prediction is accurate, etc.

That would be the 3rd :slight_smile:

You can schedule observations on -dev, but since people put their ground stations there to test stuff it’s likely they don’t always operate reliably.

Ok, thanks for the explanation.