CKIF-6589-8146-9134-9652: Satellite with data but without NORAD ID (None)

While working on the SatNOGS auto-scheduler, I stumbled over this satellite entry in SatNOGS DB again: CKIF-6589-8146-9134-9652

It’s the only entry of its kind without a NORAD ID, thus I had to add a special case to the auto-scheduler to ignore it.

Iirc the purpose of this entry is to allow the upload of frames via SiDS without providing a NORAD ID. Personally I think those frames should be just discarded or rejected (what else can we do with it? Imho it’s not worth it to do sleuthing to find the corresponding satellite based on the data), thus questioning the usefulness of this entry.

The intention of my post here is mainly to document the existence of this entry (for future confused API users) and to a much lesser degree to start a discussion if it should be kept as-is.

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