Cheap S-band antenna + transverter


I have found this very cheap transverter with built in antenna that might be suitable for S-band.

Inside there is a 7.1796 Mhz crystal divided by 256 to make a 1838Mhz LO. Then there is a microstrip mixer, filtering with hairpin filter (obviously hand tunned), and a few LNA.
There is also RF absorbing foam in the enclosure.

My measurement shows that the frequency range is higher than advertised, so we could use it for S-band. The main problem will be the LO drift. Maybe it’s wise to use an external clock or GPSDO.

It would enable us to have very cheap S-band GS on the network.
Of course it still need some work to have good obs.

2.3Ghz CW

2.4Ghz CW

2.5Ghz CW

2.6Ghz CW

2.7Ghz CW

The LO leak


Super interesting!
Please keep us posted on when you put on a station!