Changing Satnogs Network UserName


I am new in the Libre Space Community and me and my group have recently gotten started in creating our own ground station. And while creating the account in the SatNOGS Network, I put our username as sfu_sat_aleasat when it should have been SFU-SAT. And the reason for this change is because we plan to create more SatNOGS in the future, and the username is for a specific SatNOG. And looking on the forums, I found that you aren’t able to change your username because of how the system is setup and I also wasn’t able to find a way to delete and remake the account. So I was wondering what the process was to change a username for the satnogs network?

Thank you

Indeed there isn’t a process for changing easily your username due to the authentication system we use. So, we need to manually remove and create your account. I’ll send you a pm with more details.

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Is this still the situation for changing a username?

Yes, I’ll send you a pm with more details tomorrow.