Changing BR for RadSat-g to 19200 (7/7/20)

We are having minimal success receiving data at 9600 with RadSat-g. We have seen a few packets, but they don’t make sense. We are going to move back to BR=19200. Can you please change the SatNogs BR to 19200 as well?
Brock LaMeres (Bozeman, MT)

Just to clarify here, are the transmissions from RadSat-g actually at 19200 baud?

Or is the request to move Satnogs to 19200 baud due to the 9600 baud decoder having too narrow filter bandwidths for your signal?

We believe RadSat-g has reset itself to 19200. If we can get SatNogs to move to 19200, we should be able to verify this. In the case that it is still transmitting at 9600, we should be able to determine that as well due to the wider filter settings. In that case, we are hoping that we will be able to determine how wide the filter needs to be to operate at 9600 and then we can switch back to 9600. But as of now, we haven’t received any data for months despite seeing relatively strong signal strengths.

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All done:

@lameres any update on this? Have you verified if RadSat-g is at 19200 or at 9600?