Change the way demodulators or decoders are assigned to observations

Hi all,

while trying to find out how 1KUNS-PF telemetry could be decoded, I have had the idea to change the way demodulators or decoders are assigned to observations. If we could add a field to the db-entry, where ‘default’ gr-satnogs decoders are available to assign to a specific transmitter, and also add a field to assign ‘experimental’ decoders (that could be added by typing in the name of the flowgraph script into a textfield) and make that choosable ‘per observation’ in the scheduling page - with respect to the default mode. If there’s a wrong mode populated, one could then easily change it for future observations.

Discussion really welcome :wink:



What exactly are you trying to solve by including that information in the DB? To me it seems to create an unnecessary link between the DB and gr-satnogs.

The existing solution with local python configuration is not optimal but can be significantly improved by parameterizing the configuration, i.e. instead of having an entry per mode having the mode as a parameter to a proxy application or script which can either launch default or experimental receivers.