Change default cycle timings

Hello everyone,

can someone tell me if it is possible to change the default cycle timing in the rotor and radio parameters ?

I’d like to change the rotor cycle timing to 2000ms and keep it that way.

Each time I start gpredict, the timing goes back to 1000ms.

Thank you all !

Alex added this on his latest release. I can confirm that it works (I had asked him for it several months ago).


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Oh, ok… so I guess this is under linux, we’ll have to wait until this is compiled for Windows right ?

From what I understand, windows support is very spotty. You may be waiting for some time.

Actually, bot the latest release 2.2.1 and even a snapshot release fixing some windows specific bugs are available for windows. However, I think this fix was made after these releases.

@csete thank you for your time and reply…

I’m currently using 2.3.37, is there/will there be another release for those fixes on Windows then ?

Hi @aleziss, There will be new releases for all platforms at some point, but I can not tell when. Work-life has been pretty tough lately and will continue to be so a month or two :roll_eyes:

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Hi eveyone,

Is this issue solved? I have added Cycle=500 in my rig file but it seems that this value is ignored whe Gpredict is started.