Chang Zheng-2D - 2023-01-15

I found something that is part of this launch, now the question is, what satellite is using 401.900 MHz ?

My first guess, based on the waterfall, this is FSK, maybe AX100.

I am not experienced with the ITU database, maybe somebody can have a look?

Moved this in a separate topic. Probably this is one of the satellites bellow:

Qilu 2
Qilu 3
Jilin-1 Gaofen-03D-34 (Jilin-1 High Resolution-03D-34)
Jilin-1 Mofang-02A-03 (Jilin-1 MagicCube-02A-03)
Jilin-1 Mofang-02A-04 (Jilin-1 MagicCube-02A-04)
Jilin-1 Mofang-02A-07 (Jilin-1 MagicCube-02A-07, Huashui 1)
Jilin-1 Hongwai-A07 (Jilin-1 Infrared-A07, WoFuMan)
Jilin-1 Hongwai-A08 (Jilin-1 Infrared-A08, TJHaiHe 1)
Jinzijing 3 (Golden Bauhinia 3)
Jinzijing 4 (Golden Bauhinia 4)
Jinzijing 6 (Golden Bauhinia 6)
Beiyou 1
Luojia 3-01 (LJ 3-01, Yantai 1)
Tianzhi 2D (Rizhao 3)

The list is from: Krebs, Gunter D. “Orbital Launches of 2023”. Gunter’s Space Page. Retrieved January 28, 2023, from Orbital Launches of 2023

The satellite is now added us unknown in DB:

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