CAS-7A TLEs and telecommunications

Hello everyone!

Just a quick background on CAS-7A:

CAS-7A was launched in 2021, and is currently as an amateur satellite with three linear transponders. It also contains a 1mbps imagery downlink at 10GHz.

My first question - are there any TLEs available for the satellite? I cannot find any available.

Second, has anyone actually received the imagery downlink? 1mbps is a pretty formidable rate :slight_smile:

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CAS-7A isn’t launched yet, maybe you mean CAS-7B and that is already decayed.

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Thank you very much for responding! :slight_smile:

However, I’m fairly sure it was already launched - Amsat’s page shows this:

And there’s also this:

Gunter spake:

The second satellite, CAS 7A or BP 1A, was to fly later in 2019 as a back-up for the first one, but the launch has not taken place so far.

Perhaps the page was simply not updated?

Or maybe AmSat simply forgot to update their page and they meant that it’s going to launch May 2021 but then the launch got delayed and they forgot. My bad! :man_facepalming:

In that case, do you know when the launch is supposed to be?

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All the pages about CAS-7A I came across were using phrases like “is going to launch…”, none of them said “was launched on…”, so I think @PE0SAT is right, it hasn’t launched. I don’t have any info on when it is going to be (if at all).